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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Easy Sweater to Knit : The Turtleback Shrug with Sleeves

I'm posting this as a followup to an entry I posted exactly one year ago in one of my other blogs, which has had a great response.

The post is for the Turtleback Shrug:Easy Sweater to Knit. I got a reply today from a lady who was looking to make her DD a similar shrug, only she wanted to add sleeves. This was something I'd been toying with off and on, myself. Wouldn't you know it, someone has already come up with a pattern and I'm happy to share, thanks to Carol, who so graciously sent me the link:

I REALLY like that one with the sleeves, they have a pattern and I've already printed it off. I'm thinking Basic Black.
Thanks Carol, for sharing the pattern link with us!

Below is a schematic for folding the shrug, with a diagram:

I was moving along on my Shine-on Vest, had about 10 inches done, when I decided to check my rows against the pattern. Much to my dismay, I learned I had over-knit by 10 rows and had to rippit back to the 32nd row, so I could begin the decrease for shaping. I've nearly knit back to where I discovered my foible and happy to say I'm now using my stitch markers for rows now. Lesson learned.

Tomorrow is Biscotti Baking Day. The cookie jar, she's almost empty!

Have a beautiful, relaxing Sunday, see you all on Monday!

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