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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Houseplants Gone Wild!

Today it was warm enough to go TOPLESS!

Yeah, I thought I'd get your attention!

I re-potted our 11 year-old Norfolk Pine today.

It was just starting to send out new green tips, but the pot was so tiny, it was beginning to look top-heavy.
(gotta love those silly emos)
Please send good karma- The Norfolk, she could use a little help from her Green-thumb Friends!

We went to Ben Franklin Crafts today, it was a nice ride to Delavan. I picked up four more skeins of the Red Heart Super Saver Camouflage, 3 of which had the same dye lot. The fourth won't make a big difference, and I'll save it for the very last of the construction.

I am thinking of adding a couple more things to my Shine-On Vest: along with a contrasting placket  front, I'm thinking of adding sleeves, and maybe a hood. Together, DH and I picked out a nice neutral buff color for the front placket and hood I'm going to work on after the vest is done.

I'll imagine the neckline will look similar to this:
Venus Neckline

I guess it won't be a vest after I'm finished reconstructing it, will it?

Tonight is a FULL MOON, so howl like there's no tomorrow and have a hauntingly beautiful evening!

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