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Friday, March 12, 2010

Frogs, Dragonflies and All Things Girly...?

I just ordered a Tiffany-style table lamp for Rhonda's new bedroom- the theme is "Frogs" but I think the Dragonfly would fit in nicely too~

I got such a great deal on it, plus FREE SHIPPING and I had a $5.00 voucher to use on my next purchase which Amazon generously donated as a result of a previous shipping snafoo-the lamp ended up costing less than list price when I checked out! I ♥! It's not exactly a baby-room type lamp, but one that a little girl can grow up with, not out-grow, later.

Dragonfly is Grandma Sandra's Totem, so that makes it extra-special.

I am happiest when I can do something nice for someone else ♥♥♥

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