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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Elliott Hundley - Culture Monster on the Head of a Pin

We are proud to announce a collaboration of efforts with artist B. Elliott Hundley.

We have been working on gathering supplies for Elliot, for an upcoming show next week, and are happy to say, we met the deadline, by a nose hair.

You can view some of his artwork on the Andrea Rosen Gallery website here: Andrea Rosen Gallery - Elliott Hundley - Biography

Elliott Hundley is best known for his work, " Hekabe". A blood-drenched tragedy from 2,000 years ago is brought up to the minute, its heartless vengeance and searing anguish making a month of the nightly news look like a walk in the park.

More of his works can be seen at this exhibit: Review: Elliott Hundley at Regen Projects II

Although we don't work in the studio with Elliott, we have had the pleasure of coordinating with him and his team in order to expedite his most immediate needs on his upcoming show next week.

Bravo, Elliott!!

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