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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Eagle, Wisconsin Tornado Aftermath

Our neighbor and good friend Linda, came over and we took a ride over to Eagle, WI, to survey the damage from last week's tornado.

We were not prepared for what lay ahead. Literally.

The photos will tell the story.
Leave no stone unturned

Fallen Giant
for size perspective...

Iron fortress in ruin

Rest in pieces...

The cemetery association did not have insurance. Families are relying on help from various town disaster relief groups, so they can begin the process of repairing the damage to individual plots and stones. So many have volunteered to help with cleanup, the town had to reluctantly turn people away.

I was moved by the whole experience, the loss of such magnificent mature hemlocks and spruce, the likes of which won't be seen again for decades. I have a picture in my mind of how it looked at one time, the many times we drove by and admired the beauty of the park. We would say, "what a beautiful final resting place...."


  1. I visited the tornado aftermath in Siren Wisconsin a couple years back, so I know that photos just do not do justice to what the damage really looks, and feels, like!!

    My heart goes out to everyone there!!

  2. How terrifying - and how sad. I hope the cemetery gets the donations they need to restore as much as possible.