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Monday, July 19, 2010

Sharon's Blue Girl Rose Parade Doily, Done and Blocked~

*Blog updated July 21 to add picture:

I finished Sharon's Blue Girl Rose Parade Doily! 

I started on the final connect-the-roses last 2 rows this morning, while enjoying a humidity-free day out on the deck. Miss Pepper joined me and played Shuttle-Acorn for amusement-who's, I'm not sure-she was soon bored ~
...lounging under the table~
  I got the doily laid out and blocked before dinner, then made French Bread Pizza for us and the kids. As soon as we were done eating, we all piled in two cars (DD19 and her BF wanted to go along) and drove out to Kettle Moraine State Park for some fresh spring water at the well.
Hydrogeology of southwestern Sheboygan County, Wisconsin, in the vicinity of the Kettle Moraine Springs fish hatchery 

OMG, we had a nearly tragic accident-it was getting dark, and as we drove through the park to get water, a doe ran out into the road ahead of us, then one of her two fawns followed right behind her- we slammed on our brakes, just as another spotted fawn started up the embankment to follow her mother and sibling-in the last second, she spun around and darted back into the woods....I gasped, Erin screamed, and we could see DD19 behind us, back waaaaaaaay off for more clearance, after really shook us all up, to think we nearly hit a baby. 
But all is well, and we made it back safe, without hurting anything, and no worse for the experience. We were taking a chance going out at dusk as it was, and probably won't do that again- it's not worth it. 
I'll get a picture of the doily posted tomorrow, when the sun is up~ teaser shot from earlier today:

 Sharon is still having a hard time after her surgery, so she instructed her DH to tell me not to come visit tomorrow....she is way too tired to stay up more than a couple hours at a time and poops out really fast...she wants me to wait until she comes home, before I pay her a visit.

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