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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Seasons Shawl Kit - Fall/Winter from

I sooooooo want to make this Seasons Shawl, isn't it beautiful? the kit: KnitPicks, $22.99. Yarn and pattern included.

Seasons Shawl Kit - Fall/Winter from

Tonight we took a ride around the 'hood, saw some homes for sale, called and harassed our Chicago Peeps to come visit and promised them a tour- later we sat out front and enjoyed another beautiful sunset, while I crocheting on the Rose Parade doily. 

BLT's for dinner~ YUM! mosquitoes for guests~UGH....

Tonight I found another old friend from the Smith Valley Hood, and sent a friend request over her way. I got a reply a little while ago, and got off a quick reply back. We have 10 years of catching up to do; she looks content and is glowing as she holds an armload of Grandson ~ 

I have some photos of Baby (R)Honda to upload, so best get busy, tomorrow is another day and I will have pix for another blog :)

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