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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Humidity in WI, seriously??????

Ok, I am all done bean happy with my new 'do. The party is over, the curls are back and they are baaaaad.

Really, that is what I loved the most about my TBL hair, before I got the INSANE notion to cut it off and go all 80's. GAH, what was I thinking. I think I lost a few brain cells whilst re-designing my tresses...someone take the blow-fryer away from meeeeeeeeee!!!

The tiniest tree frogs I think I've ever seen are clinging to the office window, hoping for a random moth or Green Hopper Thing-they won't be disappointed tonight-the Woods are alive with the sounds of Peepers, and every living thing is attracted to the light from within our confines. It's like something out of a Stephen King novel, or Sci-Fi thriller like Frogs...owait that was The Mist, where "things" came out of the fog and dragged you off kicking and screaming, then spat you out like a wad of chewing tobacco...BLEEECGH!

DH saved my crochet basket from being saturated by a misting rain. I left it outside on the lawn chair when I came in to find something to eat. I've got 10 of the 16 roses done, so far. I am so wanting to start on some socks again, my crochet hook is flying. Once I start attaching the row of rose motifs, it will be a cinch.

just a teaser...

The corn is already chin-hi. "Knee-high by the 4th of July", yep, we're there and beyond. I can't wait for some of our Corn Lady's yummy Indiana sweet corn stand to appear over at the Courtyards. DD35 says the Indy corn is doing great and right on schedule. YIPPY SKIPPY!

Froglet is inching toward a large moth-moth is posturing, raising and lowering it's wings in an attempt to look much larger than it's piddly 40 mm's (that's roughly 1 1/2"). Froglet was intimidated and fell off the window. I'm sure he'll fine a yummy morsel on the ground. or become one...
It's been a week since a tornado ravaged Eagle, WI and destroyed an old cemetery. I posted pictures on my blog, for anyone who would like to see. It was not pretty, and I came away with a great sense of sadness. It wasn't so much for the people-they are gone for this earth. It was sadness for the beautiful 100+ year old hemlocks and spruce that lay ripped and torn from their roots. The town is trying to raise money to help with cleanup-no insurance on the property left many families wondering how they will be able to restore their loved ones final resting place to a semblance of normal. Houses across the highway stood mute, tarps over their rooftops, praying "no rain, please."
They will rebuild, but who will tend to those waiting for a return to peace and tranquility in the Garden of Broken Trees...

Time to head upstairs, to Memory Foam Land. I am sleeping so much better these last 3 weeks since we bit the bullet and bought a new mattress set. I even like the crazy foam pillows, warped as they are. They smell of Green Tea extract, embedded in the foam for deodorant affect- the Green Tea aromatherapy works as it lulls me to sleep. There's no cold spot, but I'm no longer awake long enough to even need one...first time I've had 6 straight hours of sleep in I-can't-remember-when....

G'night, and hoppy trails to you~

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