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Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Truck, She's Ka-PUT, The Saga Continues

We got up this morning and awaited the arrival of Dad, who was bringing up his Bravada for us to use to go pick up the kids in Chicago. When Dad arrived, he brought a big "tester" thingy, on a tripod with wheels, and hooked it up to the battery to see if he could get a reading. He then surprised us by offering to change the alternator for us WHOOT! Maybe the Ancient Ones are still looking out for us, after all!!

We made the trip to Chicago in good time- Igor was beside himself with joy at seeing E. and J. and just could not contain himself, running first from one to the other and all around the rest of the small group. It was so good to see them, what a long year this has been!!!
DH got the kids' luggage packed up, and waited for the goodbyes from family members. It is always tough; we only get to see them once or twice a year, as it is....then we crammed ourselves back into the Blazer, ready to head back home. Igor lay down, content in his small space beside the ginormous suitcase that E. brought with her.

We made it back home in good time, unpacked the Blazer and got everyone settled in. We were all starved and realized we better eat something before heading into town for the evening's dinner fixins: French Bread Pizza, and breakfast stuff for in the morning. All we had in the house was a bag of authentic Mexican tortilla chips, some salsa, sour cream, and some french fries DD19 had baked just before we got back.

After dinner, DD19 and DD17 wanted to take a ride into town to get desert. "Surprise me!", I said, when they asked what we would like. They came back with a Sara Lee French Silk chocolate pie, YUM!

After dinner, we settled down to watch This Is Spinal Tap on DVD, a tradition in our family, when the kids come out. What a great movie!! Half-way through, just about at the Stonehenge scene, (my favourite part)  we got into the pie.

When the movie was over, E.& J. settled down to watch some music videos on E's laptop, which I had set up to access our wireless. It worked like a charm; is that Macbook FAST! I want one!!!

We have to get up early to go pickup Grandpa in the morning, 9am. He called us to tell us his car's brake line broke today, so now they are without a car!!! I feel horrible for them being stranded, after loaning us their truck, so we have to make sure they get their truck back, in any event!! Dad is going to come over and change our alternator, and then we'll take him back home. I'll stay here while the kids go with, so they can see their Grandma.

Tomorrow comes early, so I'll sign off for now, with a promise of pictures soon!


  1. OMG- the vehicle gods are NOT smiling on you! It really bugs me when those things we rely on for basic transport get something wrong with them that costs so much more than we have in our pockets. How far are you from town/shops etc? Good old dad and his hand mechanical skills!

  2. We're 7 miles from town, just far enough to sweat bullets when something goes wrong~ YAY for Dad, our Hero!! :D

  3. Oh, vehicles. Can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em.